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Finding Magic for Christmas and Manifesting for the New Year- Spotlight Sunday
Episode 23718th December 2022 • One More Thing Before You Go • Michael R Herst
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In this episode: Do you believe in magic? You have to when it comes to Christmas and the miracles that take place during this time. Did you know that you could find magic in your life each and every day not just during the holidays? Can we experience our loved ones as they cross over to the other side? For our special Sunday Spotlight, we're reflecting back on one of our favorite episodes from the past focusing on helping you find your “Magic” not only for Christmas but in life, and to start Manifesting what you would like your life to be for the New Year! We share a fantastic story of triumph over loss, witnessing the gift of being there when someone crosses over, and how someone moved their life forward in a positive way and helps others do the same thing. You're going to enjoy this conversation as we learn how a woman went from a type A Corporate Banker to discovering there was more to living than making money, to helping human beings, find clarity focus and inspiration, so that they can easily manifest their dreams into reality and teach them how to create a space for magic in their lives.

We learn what manifestation really is and how it can move your life forward in a positive way, the secrets to connecting with the universe, and to commit and connect to the universe.

My guest in this episode is Patty Lennon she is a best-selling author, keynote speaker, and founder of The Receiving School. She is a former type-A corporate banker that discovered there was more to living than making money. She left banking to help others do the same. She is a certified coach with a master’s in psychology her unique specialty blends brain science and metaphysics to help her fellow humans find clarity, focus, and inspiration so they can easily manifest their dreams into reality. She has been featured in Forbes, Fast Company, and Daily. she's also the host of the Space for Magic Podcast and today we're going to learn how to create space for magic in your life…

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