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MY OT Journey - Jtribe Radio EPISODE 6, 10th March 2020
A Convo with Allie The OT
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A Convo with Allie The OT

Alison Mayfield- Hofstra University

Meghan Almon- Tufts University

Interviewee: Allie Salamone M.S., OTRL, MBA

Allie lives in Chicago Illinois and has been an occupational therapist for 7 years. She has worked in many different settings and currently works in a hospital in the city part time while also working for her Church as an event coordinator. She has a passion for helping others and this passion led her to create her organization "Allie the OT" which is a non profit that services local members of her community. The goal of Allie the OT is to provide medical equipment and supplies to those in need who cannot afford what they need to be as independent as possible. She also aims to educate patients and family members on disabilities and adapting lifestyles post injury.