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The Pure Life - Pure Yoga Ottawa EPISODE 3, 7th February 2020
Episode 3: Stephanie Kay
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Episode 3: Stephanie Kay

Stephanie Kay, also known as Red, is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist (R.H.N.) with a passion for food and fitness. Steph’s approach to nutrition is simple and sustainable, she believes in real food first: eating fresh, whole foods, and cooking with real ingredients. She believes that food is a fundamental key to our health and wellness, and that you can’t outwork a good diet. Her ultimate goal, with all of the work that she does, is to disrupt the way people look at food, empower them to create sustainable habits, and recognize that real food is simplest way to create a healthy lifestyle they love.

Steph shares her passion for nutrition through her online programs, public speaking and coaching.  She is the creator of Red’s Reset, a 28-day nutrition program, and voice behind her popular blog, www.kaynutrition.com, with hundreds of recipes and free resources where she helps teach people how to make better food choices, fuel our bodies and learn to love real food. Her intention is to help individuals find balance in their diets and create a sustainable healthy lifestyle they can feel good about, while still having fun.

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