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Building a Reliable Mentor/Mentee Program – Marc Brune [RR 780]
Episode 78016th September 2022 • Remarkable Results Radio Podcast • Carm Capriotto, AAP
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Did you know that 70% of change initiatives with new programs/systems will fail due to a lack of leadership commitment?  I want to focus on mentor/mentee and apprenticeship programs, which are most critical to our industry’s survival.  You can lose your way without processes, procedures, and accountability to mold your apprentice into your shop. Too much talk and not enough action is the breakdown.  Luckily for you, my guest, Marc Brune, has a program focused on helping businesses develop entry-level technician mentoring programs with the tech shortage in mind.  Marc Brune, Business Development Manager,  Key Talking Points
  • 3 key people- manager, mentor, mentee
  • People are looking for a plan and someone to help along the path
  • Preparing for business before entry-level candidate comes on board- do you have the right culture for a positive mentor-mentee atmosphere? Who will be the best person to step in (manager) and mentor (can multitask)
  • Mentor- teaches not only automotive but also speaks the culture of the shop 
  • Mentoring vs. teaching- teaching is 1-way street, and mentoring is a 2-way street
  • Assessment- 15 different categories, ranked in order of importance
  • Educate- set expectations for each role
  • Execution- have mentee and plan
  • Plan- having a repeatable plan 
  • Online course specific for each role- 3 hours each
  • Facilitating growth- offers ASE task lists used in ASE accredited program
  • Soft skills- customers are a part of your business
  • Setting goals- mentor and mentee can set specific goals with dates and be able to adjust  
  • Recruit- “the important things are never urgent, and the urgent things are never important.” Have the recruiting mindset.   
  • Execute- daily on the job training plan for mentees and track progress
  • Analyze and reward- get the data flowing on how the mentor/mentee progressing. Build incentives for growth with both mentor/mentee. Don’t let your mentors go red in their pay.
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