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Pure Dog Talk - Laura Reeves 22nd November 2016
2 – How To Stack Your Dog

2 – How To Stack Your Dog

How To Stack Your Dog:

Stacking your dog

What is stacking your dog?

Why stacking your dog is important and how to make the "picture".

Successful handlers and how they catch the judge's eye.

How to Hand Stack

Starting puppies on the table

The 3 Principles of Stacking

  1. The head controls the body
  2. Placing the Legs - Elbows and Hocks
  3. 5 Second Rule - Automatic, Habitual, Muscle Memory

Professional Tip - How not to fidget, and walking into the stack

Teaching the Free Stack

Leash free training - No, there is no "NO".

Watch Me focus foundation

Body Language and Non-Verbal Movement as a Command

Winning with the Free Stack

Handler's Bond and Responsibility to the dog