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The World Without God - TS Wright
Episode 15378th July 2024 • Kingdom Cross Roads Podcast • Robert Thibodeau
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The World Without God

TS Wright

There is a growing movement, not just in this nation, but around the world, trying to “devalue” the Word of God and the morality of the Bible. This is not new… it’s actually been going on since time began. Amen! I just have to reference the FALL in the Garden of Eden as exhibit number ONE in my evidence file.

Don’t shout me down when I’m preaching good already… amen!

Have you seen the erosion of morality, just in the country? Just in the last 25 or 30 years?

The movement is to totally remove the Christian influence from society. That is why Christianity is attacked on all fronts as being “offensive.”

What would the world be like without God’s Word or God’s Morality? For many, unfortunately, they are about to find out! The soon return of Jesus is near – and THEN they will get their wish.

Our guest today is Scott Wright of the “God Centered Concept” podcast and journal of the same name. He is going to help us dive into this topic today. Help me welcome to the program, Scott Wright!

Scott, it’s good to have you back with us today!

So, the question is: “What would the world be like without God’s Word?” Your thoughts?

How would we even function? As a society and/or personally?

The Bible says that people who have never heard of Jesus still have the ability to SEE GOD through nature and creation, etc. Is that where “morality” would come from? From the five physical senses?

Is it possible for someone who does not know Jesus… to “FIND JESUS” through nature and be saved – even if they (society) would outlaw publication and distribution of the Word of God. I’m talking about outlawing possession of the Bible, no preaching, no churches, etc?

Scott this has been such an interesting discussion. I love doing “deep dives” into different, well, let’s just call them, “God Centered Concepts” of the Bible and of Worship.

If someone wants more information or would like to ask a question, how can they get in touch with you?

I’ll put links to all of this in the show notes below…

Drop down into the show notes and reach out to Scott Wright. Get in touch with him. Subscribe to his podcast. And be sure to purchase his journal and start learning all about the “God Centered Concepts” that he specializes in. Amen!



Book: “God Centered Concept Journal: Making God’s Word My Ways.” - on Amazon

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