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RR 334: Deb and Craig Van Batenburg from ACDC – Part 2
8th June 2018 • Remarkable Results Radio Podcast • Carm Capriotto, AAP
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Craig Van Batenburg, AMAM, is the CEO of Automotive Career Development Center [ACDC] and a former repair shop owner.  His wife Deb is his partner and vice-president. Craig is engaged full time in the understanding of the technology used in hybrid and electric cars. His 45 years of automotive experience serves him well.

Talking Points:

  • Hybrid training since 2000
  • EV training since 2008
  • Original Episode 116, May 2016. Previous Episodes HERE.
  • Deb writes for AutoInc magazine.
  • Craig believes in zero emissions and that climate change is real.
  • Technician/students at the high school and college level must learn to work on hybrid and electric cars.
  • The transition from ICE,( Internal Combustion Engine) will happen faster than anyone knows. The driver for change will be the cost of a barrel of oil
  • Electric vehicles need to get 300-400 range on one charge and only 15 minutes to recharge. That will be a boon for electric vehicles.
  • Since 60 Volts will kill you; training on how to handle 400 Volt vehicles is a requirement.
  • FEAR Factor:  False Evidence Appearing Real.
  • The Future; 30 Years Out:
    • Craig wrote an article for AutoInc Magazine titled: “When the Industry Goes All-Electric” (Page 18) Link HERE.
    • According to Craig, we will still covet relationships with our customer of the future.
    • We will still replace parts in the future and repair some components.
    • Today you need 1000 loyal customers to keep one tech busy 52 weeks a year. In the future, Craig believes, you’ll need 10,000 loyal customers to keep one tech busy 52 weeks a year.
    • There will be fewer techs and fewer shops.
  • EMV: A term Craig created: A combination of electric car, hybrid, hydrogen cell vehicle, a plug-in hybrid.
  • Deb and Craig support foster care. Their dream is to get every kid in foster care adopted.
  • Craig wants to have his business inherited by his team.

Auto Career Development Center (ACDC) Website.


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