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A Subscription Model for a Legal Practice Featuring Scott Reib
Episode 5946th September 2021 • Smashing the Plateau • David Shriner-Cahn
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As the official Zig Ziglar Small Business Lawyer and a Ziglar Legacy Certified Trainer, it’s no wonder that Scott Reib is known as “America’s Legal Coach.” For the last two decades, Scott has been helping business owners, entrepreneurs, and coaches “shatterproof” their businesses by implementing specific strategies for structure, growth, and protection. Over the last three years, Scott has been sharing these strategies with business owners and coaches, and watching them grow and succeed!

We discuss:

  • The beginning of all of the subscriptions we see nowadays [02:10]
  • How to [not] lose your Friday [04:14]
  • The pep talk you need to give yourself before a sales call [06:10]
  • The signs telling you to hire a business coach [08:44]
  • Different coaches for different seasons of life [11:10]
  • Helping businesses grow in a protected way [13:26]
  • What business owners don’t know what they don’t know about getting an LLC [15:02]
  • The issues in front of multistate entrepreneurs [18:35]
  • The death of the billable hour [20:08]

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