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Road to Family Freedom - Neil and Brittany Henderson EPISODE 63, 21st September 2020
From Short Term Rental Manager to Boutique Hotel Owner with Mike Sjogren
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From Short Term Rental Manager to Boutique Hotel Owner with Mike Sjogren

Mike Sjogren – Co-Owner of Occupied and Short Term Rental Secrets, talks to Neil Henderson, the host of The Road to Family Freedom podcast. Mike Sjogren started off as a CPA, built a successful architectural photography studio, developed a short term rental co-hosting (management) company with over 25 properties, and recently became the owner of a boutique hotel in a beach community on the New England shore. Mike is experienced with systematizing, automating, and scaling short term rental properties and teaches his system at Short Term Rental Secrets.

Post-Interview Analysis 

  • Key Lessons Learned: When trying to automate or cut costs, focus on the customer experience. Put yourself in their shoes and try to figure out the questions and pain points they might have.

Episode Highlights: 

  • Schedule a video chat with Neil Henderson at roadtofamilyfreedom.com/selfstoragecall
  • His journey from short term rental manager and an explanation of the different ways to get into short term rentals
  • The size of his short term rental management portfolio
  • Cautions on how quickly you can be overwhelmed managing multiple rentals
  • The effects of the pandemic on the short term rental market
  • The story of buying a boutique hotel and turning it into an unmanned AirBnB hotel
  • And much more…

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