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Salon Owners Collective - Larissa Macleman EPISODE 161, 26th January 2020
Avoid These 3 Mistakes & Master Your Inner Salon CEO
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Avoid These 3 Mistakes & Master Your Inner Salon CEO

Let's face it... we all make mistakes.

And as Business Owners who ALSO have personal lives, it can sometimes feel like we're making a LOT of mistakes... and that there's a lot of pressure to be perfect!

That's because it feels like there are so many people relying on us.

Well, let me tell you: we're all human!

And, luckily, I'm here to help you out by telling you how to avoid 3 of the most common mistakes made by Salon CEOs, and how to truly Master Your Inner Salon CEO.

I’m going to cover:

  • Why working less is really working smarter
  • How to choose what to work on and to work on the right things … that actually move the needle
  • How you can walk away from your salon, out the door, spend time with your family, maybe even go to the gym… and feel completely confident and in control
  • PLUS the 5 steps to create more freedom and prof!t in your business 

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