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Something Is Wrong With Sutton
Bonus Episode8th August 2018 • A Walk In Darkness • BoozeHound Entertainment
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When paranormal investigator Wally Fitch opens his door to podcast partner Sutton Blackhill, he immediately senses something is wrong. Her eyes appear glazed over and milkyness clouds her vision as she mumbles the same phrase on repeat: “It wasn't a doll, it was my baby.” 

In this chilling bonus episode, we get a firsthand glimpse into the disturbance plaguing Sutton. Wally shares audio of her disconcerting mantra, unsure what to make of her altered state. When a bloodcurdling scream shatters the night, Wally rushes to calm his terrified friend. 

With Sutton resting uneasily, Wally postpones their podcast until she recovers from this mysterious affliction. But her inexplicable outbursts continue, leaving Wally to wonder if her involvement in the investigation has unlocked some darkness within. 

What happened to Sutton? Does it connect to the foreboding tapes or the warnings to turn back? As Wally seeks answers, one thing is clear: evil has sunk its claws into this podcast. Subscribe for the latest updates on Sutton’s condition and the bone-chilling events to come. Something sinister awaits in the shadows...

/// Credits

Wally Fitch is played by Phil Bowyer

Sutton Blackhill is played by Kate Bowyer

Snorre Helige played by Mike Svensson

Officer Freeman (AKA 8B17) - Jesse James Freeman

Officer Wells (AKA 8B24) played by Gavin Wells

Police Dispatcher is played by Caitlin Bowyer

Texas Reporter Bill Mikelson is played by Jesse James Freeman

Chicago Reporter Nora McMurphy played by Nora Whalen

News Anchor Played by Connrad Bowyer

Jill St. Vincent Played by Katie Bowyer

Baby Doll played by Possessed Baby Doll

Historic and Viking Advisor: Mike Svensson

Produced by BoozeHound Entertainment

Theme music, "Crossroads", was exclusively written and recorded by Grand Rezerva.

Music courtesy Shot Glass Records & BoozeHound Music

Written by Kate Bowyer & Phil Bowyer

Directed by Phil Bowyer

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