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RR 304: The Battery Shop
23rd February 2018 • Remarkable Results Radio Podcast • Carm Capriotto, AAP
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Sell More Batteries. Training and Testing is the Key.

Join Michele Zgola the director of Marketing and Communication at Johnson Controls, Jim Bates the Aftermarket Training Center Manager also at Johnson Controls and Patrick Haynes, Executive Director at the Responsible Battery Coalition.

Learn about selling more batteries and how well the industry has rallied to recycle 99% of all batteries. Recycling challenges are coming in the future as lithium-ion batteries will need to be recovered.

Pictured above left to right: Patrick Hayes, Jim Bates and Michele Zgola

Talking points:

  • There are challenges to teach the motorist about the value of the battery.
  • Batteries are found in many different places in vehicles today which makes The Battery Shop an industry-wide resource.
    • Find out where to locate batteries and how to replace them.
  • Instructors are helping create student educational courseware.
  • AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) category is growing.
    • Because of the demand on the vehicle, AGM is big today.
  • To sell more batteries you need to test more batteries.
    • New DVI processes will include battery testing as part of their vehicle health check.
  • Lead-acid Batteries are recycled at a 99% level.
    • The 1% that are out there account for about 2,000,000 that are sitting in houses, garages, and basements.
    • A lot of batteries are found in our countries rivers. River clean-up projects are finding them.
  • New technology batteries like lithium-ion will need to be recycled. No one knows yet what the end of like looks like at this time.
  • Because of the commitment to recycling lead-acid batteries, 100% of the battery core is re-purposed.
  • Lead battery recycling is unapparelled in the US with zero emission smelters.
  • The Responsible Battery Coalition is new and everyone who sells batteries is engaged with this organization. They are looking at the future of battery recycling with new technology.

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