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The Scale Podcast - Marketing Strategies For Coaches - Oliver Denyer 7th May 2019
Why I’m Narrowing The Focus Of This Podcast (And Changing Its Name)
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Why I’m Narrowing The Focus Of This Podcast (And Changing Its Name)

One thing that prevents many coaching businesses from growing is that they try to sell everything to everyone. They’re generalists. Up until now, that’s what this podcast appeared to be. ‘Marketing Bites’ could mean anything …it wasn’t specific enough. I want people to see the NAME of my podcast and instantly know if it’s for them. Now I’ve realised exactly who I want to help (coaches who are successful and want to grow their businesses, with marketing and business strategies), I’ve decided to changed the name of the podcast to ‘The Scale Podcast’.  In this episode, I break down some takeaways you can get from this decision.


Here’s what I cover:

  • Why focusing on your product or service (instead of the CUSTOMER) can hold your business back, and prevent you from creating a real impact.
  • Why going more ‘niched’ and narrowing down the product/service you offer will help you attract MORE customers …not less (even though that seems counter intuitive).
  • The heart surgery example I use to explain why specialists earn WAY more than generalists
  • How to make your business unique + press worthy once you’ve niched in a bit
  • GREAT customers who want to spend a lot of money get turned off by ‘one stop shops’ …because it looks like they do a LOT of things badly. Find out how you can avoid having this effect on your best customers, and attract them instead.