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284: Jay Claypool – Gay AF from the farm, military, to the drag stage!
Episode 2845th July 2024 • 40 Plus: Gay Men. Gay Talk. • Rick Clemons
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Yes sir, I'm a farm boy. Yes sir, I'm ready to serve my country. No sir, I'm not gay or do drag - but your not supposed to ask and I'm not supposed to tell. Taking us on his journey to stand up for who he is, virgin author, Jay Claypool shares his life and story about growing up on a rural farm in Georgia and keeping his life as a gay man and drag performer hidden through the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" years. Learn how...
  • His strong conviction to himself kept him going
  • Authenticity has helped him know who he is as a human
  • Uncover his motto of giving people their human rights

About Jay

Jay Claypool is a 20-year United States Air Force veteran, and freshman author originally from Augusta, Georgia. As a young drag performer, and frequent night-club fixture, Jay strives to be a source of inspiration to anyone with wild ambition, who also may be doubting their sexuality, individuality, and artistic freedom, specifically within the ranks of the military. He currently lives in Washington DC, with his Navy veteran husband Douglas.

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