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Falling Up Radio - Falling UP Radio EPISODE 55
Jackie Simek – Guiding Entrepreneurs to a Better Life
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Jackie Simek – Guiding Entrepreneurs to a Better Life

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Jackie Simek

Once upon a time, Jackie was working for someone else where she helped raise over $2 billion in capital and sold over $1 million in services. But she wasn't fulfilled inside. She set out on a journey, seeking the solution, but when she literally went to the other side of the world and came up empty, she had no place left to journey but within.

Along the way she picked up a powerful mind, body, energy tool. She now combines here business savvy with her transformational work, helping entrepreneurs identify, heal and release what is holding them and their businesses back.

Jackie is a recovering financial powerhouse, certified emotional freedom technique practitioner and teacher of spiritual principles.

She is a lover of urban life - decaf espresso, museums, mani’s and boutique fitness - but you can just as easily find her with her backpack on, traveling through a third world country or hiking in the woods.

Show Highlights

> Jackie raising over $2 billion in equity capital

> Creating and implementing growth strategies

> Jackie deciding to travel for a year

> Looking for something outside of self

> Personal insights of traveling

> Going back to old job

> Surrendering to new life

> Everything being challenged

> First experience with tapping

> I don't care what you call it, just make me feel better

> Practice tapping on Joe > You have to feel it to heal it

> Getting trained in EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique (tapping)

> Working with change makers and helping to light the world

> Helping every entrepreneur feel better & make more money with tapping


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Jackie's Links & Resources

Website: https://jackiesimek.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jackiesimek/