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Episode 11: The Model for Leading in a Virtual Workplace‬ with Dr. Ann Gladys‬‬‬‬‬, Author of "The Invisible Leader‪"
Episode 1110th June 2021 • The Big Ask Podcast with Nicole Matthews • Nicole Matthews
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Dr. Ann Gladys is the President and CEO of Sommét Enterprises. Sommét Enterprises, LLC is a management consulting and training firm with a focus on creating and enhancing results-driven performance for our clients. Established in 2009, the Sommét organization is focused on the growth of each individual client. To this end we work to ensure that our consulting and training paradigms are structured in a customized manner to identify the professional strengths in each client and offer methodologies that are results oriented and metric-based. Our goal is to ensure each client reaches the personal "sommét" of peak performance by setting the stage for accomplishing goals, not just listing them!

Ann's new book, The Invisible Leader - The Model For Leading in the Virtual Workplace, is now available on Amazon.

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