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Malmo Festival - Rock Stage (S7 E11)
Episode 111st September 2022 • Sounds On Vinyl • BoozeHound Entertainment
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Welcome to the Sounds On Vinyl Show, brought to you by BoozeHound Entertainment.

This week we take a journey through the Malmo Festival Rock Stage featuring local bands, beer, and more.

Time Stamps:

02:00 - Phil's Motorhead Review

03:35 - Bands that have passed us by

06:39 - Motorhead's first album is 45 Years Old

07:53 - Malmo Festival

12:30 - Flegma / Flegma Reunion

17:48 - Liar Thief Bandit

21:10 The Ohnos

25:00 - Funhouse

28:40 - Acorise

32:10 - Modesty

34:00 - Sweden Rock Festival Documentary Tease






Intro & Outro:


Thank you for listening! We love you! Keep Rockin’!

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