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A Downsized Life - Danny Brown EPISODE 1, 3rd January 2020
It’s the Little Things
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It’s the Little Things

After two months of making the move from a large Canadian City to a small town three hours north, we're discovering little things that we may not have expected.

Our original goals, for example, included less clutter, less stress, and a happier lifestyle overall. While that's definitely still the case, and we haven't really been disappointed so far, not everything is quite working out as planned, so far.

In episode one of A Downsized Life, I talk about:

  • How the less clutter goal isn't quite being met
  • What this means for our stress levels
  • Unexpected purchases, and what that means with regards our plans
  • The longer winter, and its impact on us
  • The challenges of keeping two young kids entertained while still needing to work

Listen in as Danny shares his thoughts on these challenges, and what comes next in our journey to downsize our lives.

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