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Around the House with Eric G® - Eric Goranson EPISODE 939, 9th May 2020
Hazardous Materials hiding in your home: May 9th 2020 Radio show
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Hazardous Materials hiding in your home: May 9th 2020 Radio show

At one time many of these items in our homes were the latest and greatest in technology to then be found out later to be hazardous. It might be as simple as those railroad ties in your landscaping to the mold in your bathroom there is a lot to navigate as a homeowner. In hour 2 of the show we will tackle the big ones that you might not have known about or even forgotten about.

Here is a great story on railroad ties: https://www.hunker.com/13405931/what-are-the-dangers-of-treated-railroad-ties

Always check your local disposal rules for hazardous materials. In our area this is the Portland Metro area information we talk about. https://www.oregonmetro.gov/tools-living/garbage-and-recycling/asbestos-information-metro-customers

We talk about testing for mold, allergen and VOC air testing. Here is the link: https://www.healthyhomeexpert.com/

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