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CISO Insiders with Aaron Brown | Cloud and Application Security Leader at Vercel | Episode 66
Episode 6628th February 2023 • CISO insiders • GRSee Consulting
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🔥 In the latest episode of CISO Insiders, we welcome Aaron Brown | Cloud and Application Security Leader at Vercel, for an exciting and eye-level conversation about his journey into cybersecurity, advice for young cybersecurity professionals just starting out, and how the industry will evolve in future.

⏱️👇 Timestamps

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00:35 Guest Introduction and professional journey

05:57 Icebreakers

7:03 If there’s one thing you wish you had known before starting your career

8:52 Biggest failure and accomplishment

13:00 What advise would you give if someone wants to make a career in cybersecurity

17:25 Insights on cybersecurity reporting to the IT

21:40 What were the best resources that helped you grow in your career

24:59 Debunking one common myth about cybersecurity profession

26:49 What are the main security concerns of CISOs these days

30:23 What are the most important skillsets a CISO should have

36:28 What is innovation in cybersecurity

39:12 Advise for cybersecurity vendors

42:48 Closing comments


👉🏻 ”Security takes an emotional toll on the practitioner”

👉🏻 ”Empathy is one of the most underrated skill in cybersecurity”

👉🏻 ”Communication and soft skills are one of the core skills that recruiters look for while hiring a cybersecurity talent”

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