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Remarkable Results Radio Podcast - Carm Capriotto, AAP 30th March 2015
RR 004: Dynamic Automotive Part 3
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RR 004: Dynamic Automotive Part 3

This week is Part #3 (episode 4) the final part with the partnership team from Dynamic Automotive, Jose Bueso, Lee Forman and Dwayne Myers. This MSO group was selected top 10 automotive shop in 2014 from Motor Age. They are extremely involved in their communities and are giving back to the industry by being involved with the Auto Care Association and serving on the education committee with CCPN. (Car Care Professional Network) This was such a great interview it was split it up into 3 parts. You’re listening to the final segment; Part #3. Let me say that Jose, Lee and Dwayne didn’t hold back, spoke from their hearts and shared some great wisdom. There’s lots to hear so enjoy!  Their shops are in Liberty town, New Market and Urbana, Maryland. Occasionally you’ll hear shop noise … that’s the sound of business. Don’t miss a minute.

Dynamic Automotive Website