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Saturday, November 12, 2020 • SPECIAL WEEKEND EDITION!!
14th November 2020 • The Julien Dionne Show with Jen Grant • Lemon-press Productions
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🎬BONUS Weekend edition!! We are LIVE🔴 on a SATURDAY afternoon!! JOIN US , today we replay a failed live from yesterday, Julien had a post-workout Deluxe (Maritime fast food chain) meal, we reminisce on the last 4 weeks of trailer shows as we tear down the studio, your comments & a whole lot more! 

BUT FIRST, Mike Plume month continues with a special Saturday Mike Plume double-header: 

Song: My Old Friend

Album: Born By The Radio


Song: Table For One

Album: Table For One


This Episode is brought to you by, Gringos Blazing Sauces🌶


Dip Ta Clam™️🦪

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The Julien Dionne Show with Jen Grant

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