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Processing Forgiveness
28th January 2020 • The Shek Check • The Shek Check
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"What if forgiveness was more about processing, and less of a destination or a single act?" - Erez Shek

Often we will be told to find forgiveness, or simply ask for forgiveness.

However, nothing is as simple as a single moment, or a single act when it comes to our emotional health, our growth, our healing....our lives.

Words matter, but actions matter more. We see this with the phrase "I'm Sorry". A true apology is patterns of changed actions and behaviors. Not a symbolic phrase.

It is no different with forgiveness. Forgiveness is also changed actions and behaviors. Our own.

Everything we work on within us, goes outside of us.

Everything we don't work on within us, also goes outside of us.

What if we focused on the process more than the destination?
What if we allowed the process?
What if we let ourselves be human along that process?
What if that meant we had to start with forgiving ourselves for being human in that process?
What if?

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