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That Thing About The Road to Happiness isn't Always Paved
Episode 1358th December 2021 • One More Thing Before You Go • Michael R Herst
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In this episode, we have an award-winning photographer, and event venue owner, author and survivor who was on the brink of suicide, her marriage was crumbling around her, her friendships were devoured in lies, the self-hatred, and childhood trauma realization hitting her hard, she made a choice to rebuild, it was then SHE made the hardest decision in her life ….to turn tragedy into triumph … this sounds like a true life soap opera …stay tuned you’re going to hear that story from the person that lived it and through it. My guest in this episode is Jacqueline Phillips, an award-winning photographer in the event venue owner, author and survivor who was on the brink of suicide and decided to take her life back. She’s going to help us understand how she faced the origins of her self-hatred, dealt with her childhood trauma, freed herself from the burden of what she grew up with, and how she rebuilt the foundation of her marriage, and wants to make sure that you can to. Https://

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