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#89: Butt Lifts, Brown Cows, and I Haven’t Eaten in Years
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#89: Butt Lifts, Brown Cows, and I Haven’t Eaten in Years

On this episode we discuss a naked man wants to pump your gas, the Germans just say no to fidget spinners, a cheeseburger causes a domestic arrest, and another cheeseburger gets arrested for assault.

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Links to this episode’s stories:

Naked man wanders round gas station before attempting to fill people's tanks

German officials confiscate 35 tons of fidget spinners and will crush them out of existence

Kinder Eggs Teen police volunteers steal LAPD cars, patrol Los Angeles

Phantom of the Paradise

Woman sues casino that offered her a steak dinner instead of the $42,000,000 Jackpot she won

Florida woman steals from city to get money to pay for butt-lift

People think chocolate milk comes from brown cows. Seriously….

Couple lives ‘food-free’ life

California Man gets $250 fine for eating at a bus stop

Cheeseburger leads to domestic arrest

Students told to stop pooping in showers

Cheeseburger arrested for assault

Man sets underwear on fire, clears a Walgreens

Please DO NOT discuss math!

Woman unaware she was pregnant gives birth on sidewalk

TOP TEN Creepy Day Jobs of Serial Killers