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The Growth Vault Podcast - AutomateGrowSell.com 3rd March 2019
Episode 364: Closing The GAP Part 1 – Your Worst Possible Strategy
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Episode 364: Closing The GAP Part 1 – Your Worst Possible Strategy

Episode 364: Closing The GAP Part 1 – Your Worst Possible Strategy

Hello Quick Talk Friends!

I have missed you guys the last few weeks as I have just concluded 3 business trips.  First I was in Florida speaking to a group of fleet washing companies then I headed off to Nashville with my Family for Funnel Hacking Live and finally I headed to Las Vegas with my Son Maverick to teach a group of window tinting companies.

February was crazy busy for me and I am so happy to be back home.

Today I want to talk to you about “Closing The GAP” and how this particular method is your worst possible strategy.

First, what do I mean by closing the gap?  I’m talking about setting and achieving new revenue goals for your company in 2019.  Whatever it is that you want to achieve minus where your business is today is the “GAP”.

Most small businesses have a hope and pray method and they totally miss the strategic component required for measurable growth.

Remember this, you make a LOT more money with your brain than you do with your muscles yet so few people understand this.

I hope you enjoy todays podcast as I help you understand the right way to set and achieve revenue goals in your business.





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