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The Julien Dionne Show - Lemon-press Productions 2nd October 2017
096| Wapokunie Riel-Lachapelle
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096| Wapokunie Riel-Lachapelle


Wakefield Sessions 21- Wapokunie Riel-Lachapelle.

And we're in overtime! Wakefield Sessions continues into week 5 (BONUS) and oh man! Do we have a great one for you. Wapokunie Riel-Lachapelle, owner& operator of Nikosi Bistro Pub joins Julien in studio for a chat. They talk about Wapokunie's early beginnings here in Wakefield, her travels all over the world gaining life and hospitality experience, to then come back home and open the treasure that is Nikosi's. GET. INTO. IT.

Wakefield Sessions: starting on September 4th, new episodes every day from Monday-Friday will be released.