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E 13 | Intelligent CrossFit Training With Jason Brown
Episode 1321st July 2020 • THIRST For More Podcast • Brandon Smitley | Terre Haute Intensity Resistance and Sports Training
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0:00 – Show Intro

3:25 – Podcast begins

5:01 – How did Box Programming come to be?

12:48 – What are the biggest limitations to programming CrossFit?

20:48 – What is the average person lacking going into a CrossFit gym?

26:01 – Jason's thoughts on training overhead

38:36 – Jason touches on the importance of strength in CrossFit

49:35 – How Jason programs conjugate for the CrossFit athlete versus the average member

59:212 – Jason's approach to accessory work for CrossFit and general population

1:05:20 – Using band work for extra work and bringing up weak points

1:07:22 – How to get top notch programming for CrossFit, without being in a CrossFit gym

1:11:00 – Jason gives his opinion on where he thinks CrossFit is heading

1:14:54 – Classic CrossFit programming versus what the average CrossFit member needs

1:18:21 – Jason discusses the six phase dynamic warm up

1:25:10 – The importance of aerobic work for recovery and general physical preparedness (GPP) and energy system development

About Jason Brown


Instagram: @bptrainingsystems

Jason has been involved with the fitness industry for close to 14 years working with athletes from all walks of life including soccer moms, professional athletes, and military personnel almost exclusively using the Conjugate Method as the basis of all his programming. After owning his own facility for six years, he started BP Training Systems, an online programming business that provides programming to CrossFit Affiliates and Strength and Conditioning facilities all over the world. In addition to having a BA in Psychology with honors and a Masters of Science in Exercise Physiology, Jason is a CSCS, Westside Barbell Special Strength Coach, CrossFit Level 2 coach, and a Combat Veteran who is passionate about helping other coaches improve their programming as well as programming for the general population in a group setting.





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