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RR 356: Bruno Tabbi And The Power of a Vanity Phone Number
24th August 2018 • Remarkable Results Radio Podcast • Carm Capriotto, AAP
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Bruno Tabbi is President and Co-Founder at Ignition Toll-Free, where he focuses on premium vanity phone numbers including 1-800-MECHANIC. He has created several successful networks around vanity phone numbers and is one of the top vanity phone number consultants in the country.

Bruno has worked with brands such as California Closets and Lithia Motors. He was the winner of the 2017 SOMOS campaign of the year award for the work that was done with California Closets and its use of 1-800-CAL-CLOSETS. Bruno works with small business and Fortune 500 companies connecting and advising them on vanity phone numbers.


  • Organic marketing
    • Uses easy to remember phone numbers (ex: 1-800-mechanic) with GPS technology to route calls, a customer can license market for a specific territory  
    • SEO for phones, the cornerstone for business- people will remember, gives you advantage
    • Majority of customers do not know business phone number by heart, an opportunity for rebranding
    • Efficient and effective advertising tool
    • The average cost of this platform is $250-500 per month
  • Call tracking and call recording
    • Calls convert rate of at the rate of10-15 times than web leads  
    • 61% of people that call business are in the purchasing phase of buying cycle
    • 84% of people want to call for the first service  
    • Multiple locations- nearest location routing, present with the menu so they can select which location to go to
      • Business can see which location gets most calls with a recording system
  • Most memorable vanity numbers are number one in their respective markets.
  • Do not use two numbers in your ads if you get a vanity number. Just use the vanity number. If you polled your customer; you’ll find that the majority do not know your current or legacy number.
  • Get in touch with Bruno, 1-800-STRONG-SALES (800-787-6647)


Ignition Toll-Free Website

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