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The Divine Breadcrumb - Carol Campos and Deb Sorensen EPISODE 37, 1st December 2019
Bringing Value Instead of "Influencing"

Bringing Value Instead of "Influencing"

Today we're talking with the talented and hilarious Joe Gill!  

As a child, Joe endured horrible bullying. As an adult he beat cancer and went through 5 layoffs (he jokingly refers to himself as the "Five Time Lay-off Champion." Joe could have easily developed a victim's mentality, but instead he inspires others through his stories and humor.

Currently, Joe is a social media consultant for his agency, Valuencer. He describes himself as part story show-er. One part mad scientist and one part detective. With these traits and skills he helps his clients solve their social media marketing ROI mystery. Joe explains why bringing value trumps being an "influencer." 

Join Deb and Carol as they talk with Joe about how he used his tough childhood experiences to get through even tougher experiences later in life.  

If you've had trouble overcoming a tough time in your life, listen to Joe's story. Not only will he make you laugh, but he'll make you look at your experiences in a whole new light!  

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