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S4 EP56: Breaking down barriers to inclusivity and empowering flexibility - Angie Schaefer, Corporate SVP and Chief HR Officer, Safety National
Episode 5621st May 2024 • The Insurance Coffee House • Insurance Search
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“Flexibility has been key. We've worked really hard to figure out, how do we meet the commitments to our customers, but also empower our employees to have the work experiences that they're looking for and that are a good fit for their families”, says Angie, as she discusses how Safety National are breaking down the barriers to inclusivity.  

“We offer four weeks of paid caregiver leave to our employees. We’ve also enhanced our benefit offerings for adoption and now have some financial reimbursement that apply to the costs associated with adoption and we also added financial benefits for fertility.

However employees might be trying to start their families, our goal is to help support them on that journey.”

On the podcast this week, Angie shares her career journey from law into insurance.

Her role overseeing all HR operations and leading a team of 26 HR professionals at Safety National.

Founded in 1942, Safety National has 700+ employees in 27 States and is part of the Tokio Marine family.

Angie discusses the impact of flexible working patterns on talent retention and reducing staff turnover.  

She highlights how the business is supporting employees in the key life moments of adoption, fertility, menopause and care-giving.

Angie emphasizes the importance of being your authentic self when coming in for interview, her advice to her industry HR peers and why relationships matter.

When selecting an insurance executive search partner, Angie says:

“It's understanding our business and our customers, what we're trying to accomplish and then also making sure that they are bringing diverse candidates to us. Diverse in all aspects, their experiences, background and education.”

Angie talks about the company’s two-year strategic technology transformation to support recruitment and launching an intern program to attract early career insurance talent.

And concludes by sharing one lesson her career has taught her, she wants everyone to learn.

“Empathy. We're all just human. Most of us have to work to support our families and there isn't anything that can't be figured out if we all treat each other with respect and professionalism.”

Connect with Angie Schaefer on LinkedIn or find out more about Safety National

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