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You Are Limitless - Ani Manian EPISODE 16, 14th July 2020
Dealing with your inner critic
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Dealing with your inner critic

Do you struggle with being bullied by your inner critic? Do your thoughts stop you from doing things you want or keep you from connecting with others? If you feel thoughts are getting in your way on a regular basis, this episode will teach you how to manage your thoughts and recognize limiting beliefs that are standing in your way.



In this episode, I talk about how to tell if your thoughts are getting in your way and how to stop this from happening. I give you exercises you can use to achieve control over these thoughts.

If you want to become truly limitless and not be blocked from accomplishing your goals by your own brain, this episode is a good one for you. You’ll be able to easily assess and manage your thoughts so the inner critic doesn’t bother you again.

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