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Larry Gifford - When Life Gives You Parkinson's (EP.08)
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Larry Gifford - When Life Gives You Parkinson's (EP.08)


Larry Gifford

Larry Gifford is a mindful, conscious leader and a proven radio pro focused on respectful, effective leadership and creating positive, unique, compelling content for ears. He’s also a sought-after talent coach and conference speaker. His successes on-air and in management include experiences at ESPN, Fox Sports Radio, and news/talk/sports stations in Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Seattle, Columbus and Dayton.

On today’s episode we welcome Larry Gifford, host of the When Life Gives You Parkinson’s podcast. Larry, who has been in the radio and podcasting sphere for many years now, was recently diagnosed with Parkinson’s. He found that he wanted to find information and solace in the form of podcasts, a source of information for him already. When this search proved unfruitful, he decided to create the podcast that he needed himself and this is how When Life Gives You Parkinson’s was born.

In our discussion we look at the genesis of the show and some of Larry’s personal experience around symptoms and difficulties with his diagnosis. Larry shares some of his ideas for staying positive and upbeat despite the nature of the disease, before we move onto Larry’s thoughts on the podcasting format and his advice for prospective creators. We discuss the efficacy of audio as a means to communicate and some simple ways to get your message further afield, and into the ears of the right listeners. For a great chat with a great Causecaster, be sure to tune in!

Key Topics:

• The events in Larry’s life that led to him launching his podcast on Parkinson’s. (03:14)

• The early symptoms of Parkinson’s that Larry did not recognize. (05:06)

• Remaining positive in the face of difficult news. (06:37)

• Why Larry looked to podcasts for information and comfort immediately. (07:49)

• Some of the differences between radios and podcasts. (08:38)

• Involving family members and loved ones in the process of documentation. (09:48)

• The influence of recording and aiming for an unfiltered conversation. (10:32)

• Some of the feedback and reactions Larry has received for the podcast. (12:40)

• The strengths of podcasting in communicating a cause.(14:36)

• Raising awareness for the podcast and the issue. (15:37)

• Larry’s own approach to the medium and his advice to others. (16:58)

• Growing support through people in similar situations. (20:05)

• Aligning with established causes and societies to gain traction. (21:13)

• Simple tactics for bolstering a struggling podcast. (22.58)

And much more!

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