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Podcast Pontifications - Evo Terra EPISODE 240, 22nd October 2019
The Future of Podcasting Will Be Driven By Data [Episode 240]

The Future of Podcasting Will Be Driven By Data [Episode 240]

This morning, I was reading an article about new “virtual restaurants” that are booming thanks to data. Though calling them “restaurants” is a stretch, as these establishments have no place for people to dine-in or even take payments from customers like a take-out stand. Without foot traffic, how can they survive? Because they’re filled with delivery pickup drivers, thanks to the likes of DoorDash and more.

On yesterday’s program, I talked about some smart book publishers and how they’re working closely with Amazon to sell huge numbers of ebooks. But there are other super-smart publishers who pay close attention to what kinds of books Amazon users are buying, then quickly create content to fill that emerging need.

The tie-in to podcasting is fairly obvious. Companies that facilitate the transaction between podcast producers and podcast listeners have data. Bucket-loads of data that uncover content holes in the market.

And just like food-delivery apps and book-selling beast Amazon, some of them are looking for smart and agile content creators to fill those gaps.

Last week, we found out that one of the Gimlet’s shows, Science Vs, is now taking small little snippets of their 20-ish or so minute episodes and boiling them down to or extracting insights out of five-minute clips, which are in turn published as a brand new show designed to fit in the “daily commute” feature of Spotify, blending them with music clips, news, and other bits for a contained but varied listener experience.

It’s a foregone conclusion that these keepers of the data are going to start creating content based on that data. Or, perhaps more likely, they're going to start commissioning content based on that data.

What would you do if you were approached by these data-rich aggregators? You can hit reply and tell me, or you can download the private app for Podcast Pontifications listeners at Flick.group/podcastpontifications and share your thoughts with ~80 people… and growing!

If you missed the news, my friends at Buy Me A Coffee just dropped version 2.0 of their app. Congrats to Jijo and Aleesha on making #1 on Product Hunt yesterday! If you want to try their new and improved service, go to BuyMeACoffee.com/EvoTerra.

And if you are in business and need some help figuring out how big data could impact your podcasting strategies, get in touch with me, as I can help you with that. evo@podcastlaunch.pro or just go to PodcastLaunch.pro to see what we do.


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