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Nicole Matthews - Nicole Matthews EPISODE 5, 19th January 2019
Episode 005: How Uncomfortable Are You Willing To Get? Interview With Jeremy McGhee
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Episode 005: How Uncomfortable Are You Willing To Get? Interview With Jeremy McGhee

An athlete with an interesting story, that’s how Jeremy would classify himself. “I never thought I would be a corporate speaker, but here I am.” In an image-rich compelling tale, Jeremy recounts the Bloody Couloir expedition, where he climbed and skied a major backcountry ski route, without the use of his legs. He provokes a deep look in the mirror by explaining how he finds motivation himself and invokes a sense of hope by sharing the exciting things he is involved with now. His presentation is about the immediacy of deciding now what you want in life and getting to work on the little things every day to get there no matter what it takes. Jeremy uses the image of a pioneer, traveling into the wild west for the first time, to paint the picture of how he approaches a life without rules or a sense of entitlement. A pioneer needed to find strength in being adaptable because the world was certainly not going to adapt to them. “Life changes. Roll with the punches,” Jeremy likes to say. Appropriately, the title is How Uncomfortable are You Willing to Get? and this will not be the typical presentation you are used to.

“Only put off until tomorrow what you are willing to die having left undone.”

— Picasso

Hometown: San Diego

Paralyzed in a motorcycle wreck in 2001

Climbed and skied Bloody Couloir, a major backcountry ski route, June 2, 2012

Released feature length Drop IN: Bloody Couloir documentary Dec 2013

Usual Surf Break: Cardiff Reef

Home Mountain: Mammoth

Favorite food: Anything my girlfriend makes

Shoe size: 11

Ocean or Mountains? Both