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Overcoming Fear of Other People's Opinions
Episode 55th October 2022 • Addressing the ELEPHANT in the Room® • One Light Ahead®
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What you will learn in this episode:

  • Parm's main elephant is the fear of other people’s opinions
  • Why fear stands for: False Evidence Appearing Real
  • How our life journey is similar to a train
  • How Parm’s history working as a juvenile counselor at the probation department initially stirred up a lot of fear in her
  • How she reassessed her evidence when she felt that she needed to quit her job out of fear, and how sticking it out ended up shaping her character and career moving forward
  • After reassessing her evidence, Parm chose to overcome her fears and persevere, and now she’s able to enjoy and celebrate the simple pleasures in life
  • The importance of being conscious of your own mental, spiritual, and physical health and making it a priority
  • Why you shouldn’t allow other people’s criticism to dull your sharp focus


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