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Smashing the Plateau - David Shriner-Cahn 20th October 2019
Entrepreneurs in Recovery Featuring Jesse Harless
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Entrepreneurs in Recovery Featuring Jesse Harless

Jesse Harless, M.A., is an author, trainer, life coach, group empowerment facilitator, motivational speaker and Entrepreneur in Recovery™.

We discuss:

  • What if we did what we loved? [2:26]
  • The snowball effect of feeling abandoned [6:19]
  • The habits an addict should build in order to recover and succeed as an entrepreneur [8:40]
  • The key importance of goal setting in the process of early recovery [11:38]
  • Facilitating change through a high-level, cross-discipline model [14:26]
  • Main drivers of revenue when working with entrepreneurs in recovery [16:27]
  • Showing the value of a product by giving it away [18:10]
  • How to smash your comfort zone and reduce any kind of anxiety [22:22]

He recently released his first Amazon Best Selling book called Smash Your Comfort Zone with Cold Showers. Jesse is the founder of Entrepreneurs in Recovery™, a platform that empowers people in addiction recovery to reach their full potential. He works with communities, addiction treatment centers and programs in the Northeast U.S. where he trains and facilitates his Entrepreneurs in Recovery™ facilitation workshops.

Learn more about Jesse at https://www.entrepreneursinrecovery.com/, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

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