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The Beyond Adversity Podcast with Dr. Brad Miller - Dr Brad Miller 11th June 2021
153. How to Quiet Your Mind and Create an Epic Life with Matthew Ferry
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153. How to Quiet Your Mind and Create an Epic Life with Matthew Ferry

On Episode 153 of the Beyond Adversity Podcast, Dr. Brad Miller has a conversation with Matthew Ferry (matthewferry.com) the author of “Quiet Mind-Epic Life: Escape The Status Quo And Experience Enlightened Prosperity Now!”

Matthew Ferry is a thriving executive life coach and spiritual teacher. For the last 26 years, Ferry has coached thousands of top performers to achieve Enlightened Prosperity™. His books, videos, audios, and seminars utilize his street-tested methodology called The Rapid Enlightenment Process™. 

Matthew Ferry’s promise is simple: Quiet your mind so you can create an epic life, that is filled with Enlightened Prosperity. His down-to-earth approach empowers you to rise above the unwanted chatter and negativity of the mind. Matthew says, “When your mind is quiet, you feel profound peace and your life becomes extraordinary. No ashram required.”

Matthew talks to Brad about the process of assembling the people and processes to relate to your own mind as a continual process of human emerging which allows you to experience a fulfilling, prosperous, peaceful life-an epic life. 

The Beyond Adversity Podcast is published weekly by Dr. Brad Miller for the purpose of helping people to navigate adverse life events (depression, divorce, disease, debt, and death) to emerge to a promised life of peace, prosperity, and purpose.