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Fintech Friday #3 | Empowering Women in Crypto and Fostering Financial Inclusion | Yande Namvete (Binance Africa)
Episode 17212th April 2024 • The Sound of Accra Podcast • Adrian Daniels
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In this episode, Adrian speaks to Operations Manager of Binance Africa, Yande Namvete. She provides valuable insights into the company's efforts to educate and empower women in the crypto space.

With a focus on Africa's growing role in cryptocurrency adoption, Yande shares her experiencs and discusses Binance's initiatives to promote financial inclusion and education across the continent.

From her time in Italy to her work in Cape Town, Yande's journey showcases the global reach and impact of the crypto industry. Join us as we explore the transformative potential of crypto and the evolving landscape of digital finance in Africa and beyond.

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00:00 Building crypto in Africa.

03:15 Tech companies favour remote work post-pandemic.

09:23 Ghana sees increasing crypto adoption for payments.

10:17 Crypto gaining popularity in Ghana, solving payment issues.

14:03 Studied in Italy, joined crypto exchange team.

17:14 Africa becoming a hub for crypto industry.

22:07 Technology adoption depends on actual use cases.

26:38 Binance Academy offers free cryptocurrency courses, engagement.

28:26 Binance offers fun, user-friendly platform with rewards.

32:42 Encouraging crypto participation.

35:04 Outro

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