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The Jackson Hole Connection - Stephan C. Abrams EPISODE 61
Episode 61 – The Life of a Solopreneur with Rose Caiazzo
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Episode 61 – The Life of a Solopreneur with Rose Caiazzo

In this week’s episode of the Jackson Hole Connection, Stephan visits with Rose Caiazzo. Rose is a solopreneur, avid cyclist, social media expert and a voice talent. After 10 years in the corporate world, Rose decided to take her life in a different direction and became a guide for Backroads. Her first assignment – Jackson Hole.

In this episode, Stephan and Rose chat about the development of social media, pursuing your passions, and living as a solopreneur. 

To connect with Rose, follow her on Instagram @jacksonholerose or on facebook.com/RoseVoiceOver/

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