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Circle of Love Guided Meditation And Channeled Message
Episode 10513th February 2023 • Soul Talk with Monica Ramirez • Monica Ramirez
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In this episode, Monica Ramirez, the Warrior of Love gives a channeled message from her Higher Self Maia, on how important it is to stay truthful to yourself, and then she proceeds with a Channeled Meditation.

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Monica Ramirez/ Warrior of Love is a Transformational Belief Coach, I help support you to awaken to happiness and personal power from the struggle and confusion to feeling free, happy, and powerful.

I am a Certified Neuro-Linguistic Programmer (N.L.P.) I am a Certified Beyond Quantum Healer (B.Q. H.) Certified Life Coach, Certified Reiki Master, Multidimensional Energy Healer, Galactic Akashic Record, Psychic Channeler from the Family of the Light and my Higher Self Maia, Tarot Reader, Channel Readings, and artists.

The founder of "Path to the Heart", my signature Transformational System. I work with people coaching them one on one and in groups.


Soul Talk is every Monday at 7 Pm CT.


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ST Intro/Outro:

Welcome to Soul Talk. The podcast founded and created by Monica Romirez, the Warrior of Love. Soul Talk was created in 2020, when a pandemic hit, and we were in lockdown, she wanted to have exciting conversations with open minded people, so they could understand different aspects of herself. And she could help others in the same way. She interviews, healers, coaches, therapists, psychics, readers, channelers, mediums, intellectuals, poets, artists, and more. She calls it Soul Talk, because it started as a conversation from soul to soul.

Monica Ramirez:

Hello, everyone. This is Monica Ramirez, the Worrior of Love. And thank you for being in this circle transformation by Worrior of Love. Worrior of love, it is my spiritual name that my guides gave me. And is your asking, because I have heard that one or many people what it means why you're caring that well, my guides gave me this name. Like many of their Native Americans, they have different names, Gray Eagle, bear pneumonia, and whatever it is mine it is worthy of love. Because I requested a request to be to have a spiritual name. And my guides gave me this name. So that's why I run with that. Okay. And why is so important to be unique? You? Well, the majority of the premium means there is a lot of chaos in competition, and unnamed is because we're trying to be someone else that we're not. And it was important for us it is try to not copy anyone. Because in the moment you're copying someone you're not be truthful to yourself. And that's why it is important. That is all this personal work that is about being you. In the moment, you're not copying anyone, you're becoming Empower, you're becoming free, because you can do whatever you want, without having the need to be someone else. You don't have to compete to be better or worse in because you're not competing with anyone. And he can gonna give you the freedom to express and to be completely do. So we're honoring ourselves in that moment. And we're not trying to copy anyone, we're just being us. And that comes with a lot of magic. And a lot of things happen when you're in in that state to be in completely new and with that freedom. So it was important for me to talk about it. Because I kept seeing it. And my guides told me today you're going to be talking about this. And that's why I'm just giving you the message from my yourself, Maia.

Monica Ramirez:

So getting in a comfortable position, and you get cold in a blankie or a sweater. I get cold when I'm meditating. And believe me, I do meditate with you guys, because the one who gets in charge it is my higher self my year. So if you're interested in knowing a little bit more about my year, I just did a podcast when she got interviewed. And it was my 100th episode in my podcast. So talk and I will be sharing the link very soon. So that then you can get that information of May because she was asked some questions and she had and she gives her own answers is like I go into sleep in my own body. And that's why I get cold because I go meditate with you.


Welcome, in choosing to be part of this group you have said yes to yourself. You've chosen to confront those limitations keeping you from achieving the life of your dreams. Monica Ramirez, Warrior of Love is a transformational belief coach. She's a psychic Channeler certified NLP life coach be Qh that is hypnotherapy, Akashic Records reader, public speaker, writer and artist. She works with many modalities and has created her own like this one to help you get over the limitations and achieve the transformation you desire. So you can anchor your emotions that you desire when he will be hosting a new session every Tuesday at 7pm Central time leading the group through a guided meditation then proceeding to work with people individually. So join Monica here in this free journey by joining the Zoom link.

Monica Ramirez:

So, okay, please you're driving stop your car and just park somewhere and because this is going to be a meditation and an activation right now and let's start.

Monica Ramirez:

Let's close our eyes, and let's take a big breath, take it to your stomach and hold it 7654321 and lay it out. Let's take another big breath and take it to your stomach. Hold it 7654321 And let it out. Let's take another big breath and take it to your stomach. Hold 7654321 and let it out.

Monica Ramirez:

Now no, we're gonna take it to our chests HOLD IT 7654321 and let it out. Again, we're going to take another big breath and we're going to take it to our heart. Call it 7654321 and let it out. And now we're going to take it to our lungs, hold it 7654321 and let it out.. And the next breath, you're going to take it to your head call it 7654321 and let it out. And the next breath we're going to take it to our head gold 7654321 and let it out.

Monica Ramirez:

And the next breath we imagined we take it to our pineal gland 7654321 and let it out. Your eyes closed we send our awareness to our feet. And in our feet, we imagine we are become a roots of a tree. And they start going down, down down down down to the center of the earth. And in there in the center of the Earth, you're gonna find a place to anchor those roots feel how they become one with Gaia.

Monica Ramirez:

And in there, we're going to let go, any shame, any blame, any guilt. Anything that is bothering you in this year now. And now a new view of the center the earth with all her love and acceptance for us stand going up up to those roots up to our feet up to our ankles, up to our legs, relaxing more and more and more. Go up to our hips as into our stomach and know that we're internal organs and external organs like our flesh, relaxed and many more and more equals up to our shoulders and our arms and hands. And we use relax and then more and more now to our neck, the front and back. And you just feel how you relax your body more and more. Now goes to the back of our head and you feel how we melt in the heat right now. The top of our head and we feel how we melts in the hearin now Now I will forehead, what our two eyebrows and how they melt right now in our face.

Monica Ramirez:

And now draw our eyes, behind our eyes, it will feel relaxed and then more and more our nose, inside our nose, and our mouth, inside of our mouth. And all our body gets relaxed and more and more. Now from our crown chakra is the top of our head, we see a column of energy start going up, up up to the sky. up, it goes to the sun, and in the sun opens a portal that direct us to the Central Sun of the universe where the brilliant brilliant light that has ever existed. We start connecting in there.

Monica Ramirez:

And now we're going to breathe that in that light into that tube of energy and let it go in through our body from our crown chakra. And he connects to the center of the earth. And together comes up, up up and they anchor in our heart. And we can feel how they mix the two energies of Gaia and the Central Sun in our heart. And it opened up water and he take us to our favorite place that have water i River at Congo river in front of us and the waters running and it is calm, have the perfect weather like you like it we're safe and protected in this place of your choice.

Monica Ramirez:

And we sit down and watch the river. And now we're just seeing it pass and he something comes out to our mind that he comes from our past. And when we're trying to copy someone else, or to compare us to someone else, we're gonna pull it out of our body. Go like pull it, pull it, pull it and put it in that water and let it flow. And now you're going to imagine you're going to think in something that it bother you from your past betrayal heartbreak broken and we're going to pull it out of our body and we are going to put it in the water and we're going to let it float. We're gonna look into our body and see we find more of that pain. That emotional pain you have in your stomach or in your chest or your lungs, in your hair or your nails. We're gonna pull it pull it out and we're gonna lay it float we've released in in the here and now any past memories that hurt us in the past any comparisons that we have done to others that were we feel less we're gonna remove thatand let it float in the water and the water would take them down to the river and you feel that you don't worth it because it comes from your past. Probably when you were a child or teenager or an adult, we're going to pull it out of our body and we're going to put it in the river. And we're going to let it float that water is kind of magical. He transform it into love. And now you're gonna feel your body again, and we're gonna look for any distortion that we have. It comes from our past things that we have accepted that were not true. Things that make us feel inferiorand they are not true. And we pull them out of our body and we put it in the water in the river and we let them flow anything that we have believe in other people that have told you that he brings a distortion in our being that it is not true. We put it in the water and we let it flow in our stomach, we're feeling comfortable with pool that the only tanning comfortable part and we put it in the water and we'll let it flow we give thanks to that water for transforming all these limitations and now from the Central Sun, it comes a ray of light. I get to and he just rain on us in all your bodies in all the timelines in all the dimensions that are septation that love that unconditional love that do not ask you for anything. You just let you be exactly as you are. And he remind you that you're a beam of light with a mission in this present moment that you're here it is because you have a mission you came here to be wherever you want to be that you don't have to be someone else because you just have to be you to complete your mission take a big breath. Let it out. I'm gonna anchor this energy squad at like language.

Monica Ramirez:

Aid ha my yada yada Makai raka raka raka Cara my era data Rama Rama karaya carica or Amaya yarraka Cara Maka. Oh, my era Margarita.Oh three orama yada yada yada yada yada yada. Or am I mad at God? Amaya car America or America Raja Ram Amara COVID America take a big breath What am ACARA Maka? Aura? Makara Maka aura Makka Makka Raka.

Monica Ramirez:

Now, we give things to all the beings of light for being here. In this meditation and activation and we take an Arabic breath we lay that go Now we're gonna come in into our bodyinto our heart.

Monica Ramirez:

Feel that heart pulsing, clearing and cleaning any energy that doesn't help us anymore in our path. Feel how your heart is pulsing how the blood is irrigating and make it goes in a perfect harmony now, we're gonna go more into our legs and our hands and whenever you're ready to stretch, stretch yourself to bring back yourself to the gear and now into the here and now to the here and now. And you can open your eyes whenever you're ready.

Monica Ramirez:

So I hope you like guys, this meditation. And we're doing a weekly. And I just wanted to do announce some things before we leave. And my book is out is the scope transformation in Metamorphoses, and very now is being presale. So you can buy not only one book, you can buy two books for one is for $20.02 for 25. And it's in presale, as soon as that ends of course is going to go to Amazon to a regular price that is 20. Now, also I wanted to announce that I will not be having program starting February 28 That is called activate your multi dimensional energy. And in that when I do a certification as a channeler and also as a as a healer with the dimensional energy. So you want to learn how to clear how to clean your chakras in a data level that is very different than that it is in in Reiki that even if I am a Reiki Master, I do not use it anymore. And like that I do in data label. You want to learn how to clear your emotions. You want to learn how to clear entities, you want to learn how to clear your family lineage. You want to learn how to learn how to deep loving yourself. And also not only you, but also you can use it for your own business as another tool that you can use for your own clients. You can be doing this because I'm going to be teaching you how to actually read a person how to actually clear all these techniques. So do your clients and go a deeper level in our healing. So you're interested, I will be more than happy to help you. Thank you so much.