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Top 3 Baseball Stadiums
Episode 112th October 2023 • Top 3 Network • HVSPN
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You are listening to Top 3 Network the podcast with your host Danyal. And Co-hosts Luke and Logan. In this episode, we discuss the top 3 Baseball Stadiums.

So, for the next 5 episodes, we will be discussing baseball. When you think of baseball, you may think of players, teams, highlights, and more. But, have you ever thought about the location in which they play? When I say this, I mean the stadiums. These are a big part of the game and we believe that we should talk about it and spread more information about the location in which these ballers hit. So, today Luke and Logan will be ranking their top 3 baseball stadiums each. They will be trying to persuade you guys and me on what stadiums are the best. Then, I will rank them based on the information given based on the stadiums depending on how much I have been persuaded

3: Citizens Bank Park (Philadelphia Phillies) (Homerun Bell, jumbotron, Ashburn alley, Philadelphia skyline, batter's eye) 2: Petco Park (San Diego Padres) (San Diego skyline, Western Metal Supply, batters eye, jumbotron) 1: Oracle Park (San Francisco Giants) (view behind home plate, San Francisco Bay, Coca Cola bottle, baseball glove, jumbotron with clock, short homerun wall, triples alley)

Minute Maid park(Houston Astros)-NICKNAMED THE JUICE BOX-stadium has a roof(sun on good games/won't get canceled in rain)-many restaurants garage 2 blocks located in the middle of Houston MID TOWN- Train after Astros home run

 PNC Park (Pittsburgh Pirates)-10+ restaurants within a couple blocks-3 restaurants inside the stadium-Many 4-star hotels surrounding it(stay the night)- the view of the skyline- amazing view-42,445 seats -built a new led scoreboard-Roberto Clemente Bridge

Petco Park (San Diego Padres)-Many 4 star hotels-some 5 star hotels- right next to the San Diego bay-many fun things to do (rock climbing museums) (spend the day)-right in the middle of San Diego-community park-trains and trolleys to travel in -beaches-38000 seats-San Diego International Airport 10 minutes from the stadium-the atmosphere on gamedays 

Danyal uses the information given and backtracks on it. Then, he talks to the audience along with the cohosts about which stadiums out of the 6 are the best. He judges and ranks them.





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