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How a Ghanaian Toy Company Founder is saving Families and making his own proud | Patrick Adom
Episode 16913th March 2024 • The Sound of Accra Podcast • Adrian Daniels
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British-Ghanaian Founder and CEO of Puzzle Company, Very Puzzled, Patrick Adom, is saving families and bringing them together, by getting them away from the daily distractions of toxic television, social media feeds and other things. He's also making his own family proud by building a company and a product that they can be proud of, that he can leave behind to his daughter one day to be in full control of!

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About Patrick

Explore the incredible journey of Patrick and his unique take on the importance of simple activities like puzzles in daily life. As a successful entrepreneur in the toy industry, Patrick delves into how some of the most straightforward tasks can bring about mindfulness, stress relief, and foster stronger family ties. He discusses how in the current age, where an average family is largely consumed by digital screens, these distractions often rob away precious moments of family time. Patrick's puzzles are designed to draw children and parents alike, paving the way to positive engagements over dinner tables, ultimately contributing to better mental health.

Patrick's undeniable success can be gauged by the popularity of his puzzle products and his notable mentions in reputed media outlets such as Forbes and Channel 4.

On the topic of his achievements, Patrick speaks candidly about his proud moments including winning the coveted titles at the Junior Design Awards and the Independent Toy Awards in 2023.

Despite his impressive accomplishments, Patrick recounts his biggest achievement being the approval and pride of his family. He opens up about the disappointment of a missed opportunity on Dragons Den in 2020, but how it only fueled his desire to make his family proud.

In this intriguing conversation, audiences will get an insight into the importance of maintaining work-life balance, the power of simple tasks in stress relief, and the driving force behind passion and perseverance. Patrick’s remarkable story and his insightful sharing serve as a motivation for aspiring entrepreneurs and creators aiming to start their businesses.




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