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Fun Stories from the Variety Artists
Episode 844th November 2019 • The Variety Artist with John Abrams – Weekly chats with inspiring Performers • John Abrams
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You won’t find an interview on Variety Artist Podcast today. It’s something just as cool but maybe way more fun. I’ve collected some of my favorite stories and put them together on today’s episode. It’s hilarious!

You’ll hear…

  • Cruise Ship Magician Craig Diamond tell of a guy’s ear falling off and dentures flying into the audience.
  • Belly Dancer and Speaker Celeste DeCamps tells the story of a little monkey and her big toe.
  • One-Man-Side-Show Louie Foxx talks about a shot with a human toe and a crack deal gone wrong.
  • Magic Legend Bob Fitch tells about Carol Channing and Fresh Flounder from Finland.
  • Mentalist Duo The Evasons talk about SHARKS!
  • Professional Silly Person Amy G tells a Pee-Your-Pants funny on-stage story.
  • Magician Ray Anderson talks about something that snuck into his shoe.
  • Sponsorship king Claude Haggerty tells a story about an elephant, a gorilla, and a broken nose.

This is a fun one folks!

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