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Is Hiring a Business Coach Worth It? Dispelling the 5 Excuses Not to Hire One [AW 163]
Episode 16324th June 2023 • Remarkable Results Radio Podcast • Carm Capriotto, AAP
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Do you find yourself making excuses not to hire a business coach? Tom Sciortino shares his experience with coaching and how it has helped him make changes in his business, resulting in an increase in average ticket and KPIs. He emphasizes the importance of seeking help and not waiting around for things to change, and encourages young people in the industry to seek guidance and coaching. Listen to this episode to learn how coaching can help you identify blind spots, gain a different perspective on your business, and prepare for the future.

Tom Sciortino, Total Automotive, Buffalo, NY. Tom’s previous episodes HERE

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  • Benefits of Hiring a Business Coach (00:01:32) Tom shares his experience of hiring a business coach and how coaching has changed over the years.
  • Learning from a Business Coach (00:05:04) Tom compares hiring a business coach to getting an MBA at 60 years old. He talks about how he is learning more now than ever before and how it is important to keep up with the changing landscape of the automotive industry.
  • Importance of Adapting to New Technologies and Marketing Strategies (00:05:51) Carm and Tom discuss the importance of adapting to new technologies and marketing strategies in the automotive industry.
  • Young People Seeking Help (00:08:14) The benefits of seeking help from a business coach for young people in the automotive industry.
  • Staff Buy-In (00:09:17) The importance of bringing staff along and showing them the benefits of changes made with the help of a business coach.
  • Choosing the Right Coach (00:14:02) The process of choosing the right coach and the importance of compatibility and focus on specific priorities.
  • Limiting Schedule (00:16:47) Tom's coach advised him to slow down and limit his schedule, which resulted in an increase in average ticket and KPIs.
  • Limiting Waiters (00:18:29) Tom's coach also suggested limiting the amount of waiters to reduce pressure on the service rider and technicians, which led to a trend of customers dropping off their cars instead of waiting.
  • ADAS Equipment (00:19:51) Tom trained two employees to do his ADAS calibrations and attended a training session to network with other interested shops.

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