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Modern Cowboy - Dan Hillenbrand 14th May 2020
Episode 112 Ben Christensen Is “Living His Own Western”…
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Episode 112 Ben Christensen Is “Living His Own Western”…

Ben Christensen is a western lifestyle photographer. In his work, Ben aims to capture the simplicity of the American West and everything that comes with it. This often means drawing on the sentiment depicted in the classic 60s and 70s western films Ben grew up with. He says that living his own western, and doing so as authentically as possible, is both the personal and professional goal.

“I woke up one morning and thought, why wait for Hollywood to make a western like they used to when I know exactly what needs to be done?” So, with a decade of production experience under his belt, Ben started in on his first western film endeavor. Christensen’s The Valley is a short that introduces the classic western to the modern world, and places it front and center for an impending revival of the American West.




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