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Confident Live Marketing Show - Ian Anderson Gray EPISODE 26, 15th November 2019
How to Create Marathon Live Shows with David Bain

How to Create Marathon Live Shows with David Bain

I've just come back from Youpreneur Summit 2019 which was amazing. And I was able to hang out with the equally amazing David Bain while I was there.

I've been incredibly impressed by the way David has put on 4+ hour (and much longer) live streams, bringing in a long string of guests on to his show! In this show, David is going to share some of his secrets...

- How he prepares for these marathon shows

-The structure of the shows

- How he manages all the guests

- The tech and gear he uses

- And how he manages not to get super stressed with all that juggling!

David helps marketers to stay up-to-date with the latest tools, tactics and technologies through his books, podcasts and digital services,

helping them to cut through the noise and focus on what shifts the needle.

Find out more about David’s books, podcasts and digital services over at https://www.MarketingNowBook.com/