#115 Become a Better Leader by Making Better Decisions with David Siegel
Episode 11525th April 2022 • MeetMyPotential • Deepa Natarajan
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Leaders are often judged by their decision-making. So, how do you make better decisions? Is there a formula to making better decisions? 

Today Deepa speaks with David Siegel, author of Decide and Conquer, where he offers three main principles for better decision making. 

David’s Tips for Making Better Decisions:

  • Not making a decision is actually still making a decision
  • Culture matters, don’t ignore behaviors.
  • Don’t only make decisions based on tangible items. There can be a lack of accountability around toxicity.
  •  Be kind and nice as a leader! You can be nice and clear. 
  • Surround yourself with people who will disagree with you. This will ultimately lead to a better decision. Make sure you ask your team to disagree with you before the meeting. 
  • Repeat the same message many times in order to change your organization’s culture.
  • Embrace optionality - think about what options you can give yourself based on the decisions you make.
  • Be careful when decisions are made by your ego. 
  • Be willing to share about your mistakes and failures. 

Remember that being vulnerable as a leader will make you a better decision maker, which will lead to becoming a better leader. The vulnerable leader creates a culture of learning and developing by being open about their own failures and successes. 

We hope you liked this episode! Let us know - what’s the hardest part of making a decision for you? Please feel free to connect with David and Deepa through LinkedIn to continue the conversation.

About David

David Siegel is the Chief Executive Officer of MeetUp, with 20+ years’ dramatically growing revenue and profit in digital media, subscriptions and e-commerce. He has recently authored Decide and Conquer. He is a motivational leader with full decision-making and P&L ownership. His experience includes M&A, turnarounds, scaling operations and growing post startup phase. David is a Management Professor at Columbia and has an MBA from The Wharton School. 

Thanks for listening and stay cool! 

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