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More Than Just Followers
Episode 615th November 2022 • GET SEEN • Leilani Wells
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More Than Just Followers

Episode Introduction

Welcome to GET SEEN with Leilani Wells, where we delve into the strategies to help you and your business gain visibility. In this episode, Leilani challenges the idea that attracting followers is enough, urging us to shift our focus towards attracting buyers. She emphasizes the importance of sales in attraction marketing and encourages listeners to embrace the power of communication. Tune in as she shares valuable insights on how to break through mental blocks and expand your business presence. Don’t miss out—hit that subscribe button and stay connected! Visit for more information or head over to to explore working with Leilani personally or joining the GET SEEN membership.

Main Topics

  • Shifting Focus from Followers to Buyers
  • The Role of Sales in Attraction Marketing
  • Overcoming Mental Blocks and Showing Up: 
  • GET SEEN Membership: Leilani introduces the exclusive Get Seen membership, catering to entrepreneurs and business owners seeking enhanced visibility online and offline, while providing access to valuable resources, community support, and expert guidance.
  • Embracing Personal Authenticity


Connect with your Host, Leilani⬇️

Leilani is a Visibility and Marketing Strategist specializing in social media marketing, video content experiences, and getting you SEEN (both online + offline).

Using her signature visibility process (GET SEEN), she helps Innovators and Entrepreneurs amplify their visibility and become known as the go-to expert so that they can grow their impact + income.

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