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Men of Abundance - Wally Carmichael EPISODE 318, 11th August 2020
Can Personal Email be Personal Again? Todd Furneaux seems to thinks so.

Can Personal Email be Personal Again? Todd Furneaux seems to thinks so.

"Is email dead?" That's a common question I hear among marketers. While I currently have no less than 36,000 unread emails, I still open and read emails from specific people and a few random ads that hit my inbox. But there just may be a better solution. You're going to get that solution on this conversation.

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Todd Furneaux is the co-founder of AdKAddy, a mobile app that keeps your personal inbox free of brand clutter by giving you a new email address and experience to use for all your consumer needs.

With nearly two decades of professional experience working for large organizations like The Home Depot, Todd spent several years in product development, identifying and implementing products and processes to best understand and meet the unique needs of their customers. It was this experience that fueled Todd to develop a better way for brands to interact with their customers without resorting to interruptive advertising.

In 2018, Todd had a revelation: when it comes to reaching customers, the problem isn’t advertising itself; the problem is with the interruption of advertising. So he set out to dispel the myth of “bad advertising.” If there were a way for consumers to back their personal inboxes and keep their personal emails personal, those people might be more willing to actively engage with communications from the brands they love.

That’s when Todd launched AdKaddy, a mobile app that helps keep customers’ inboxes simple and free of brand clutter. AdKaddy, free to download and simple to sign up, creates a personal inbox for each user where they can direct email communications from their favorite companies. The app sorts these emails into categories like promotional emails, receipts, and shipping notifications, making it easy to log in and brush up on the latest products and news from the brands they know and love.

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